The Daily Five: 5 Characters that Defined this Generation

April 9, 2013 | By | 9 Comments

Every generation of gaming has allowed gamers to step into the shoes of characters they’ve grown to love. However, exceptional characters that we can never get enough of are the ones that define that generation of gaming; the previous set of consoles had great characters like Master Chief and Kratos. With this run of consoles coming to an end and it being arguably the greatest run the industry has seen in terms of pure quality, we’ve narrowed down what we feel are the 5 defining characters that gamers will remember the most. Obviously not everyone is going to make this list, so we’d love to hear who you’d include in the comment section below.

Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard helped push gamers into a new universe where rarely anything was considered taboo and gamers had the opportunity to shape and mold this experience through their choices. Shepard allowed you to play as a female or male version with conviction and raw power. It was a bold choice and it panned out beautifully. Now that the Mass Effect trilogy involving Shepard is over, it’s going to be interesting to see where BioWare takes the world moving forward.

Marcus Fenix
Fenix introduced us to a team of soldiers that were your standard variety meatheads. Fortunately, Marcus had a lot more to offer with an interesting backstory and an enemy that was fun to gun down in the Locust Horde. While Fenix wasn’t a focal point of the prequel released recently, he, like Master Chief, is the driving force of the series regardless of if he is present or not.

Nathan Drake
When you think back to the original PlayStation, Eidos gets a lot of credit for introducing everyone to an awesome gun wielding archeologist named Lara Croft. This time around, Naughty Dog brought a smartass, treasure hunting, womanizing goof ball named Nathan Drake to the forefront with a similar recipe for success. Drake helped us move through explosive set pieces, great platforming, and some awesome adventures that we can’t wait to keep experiencing with the PlayStation 4.

The Mii
This one may sound odd, but let’s be realistic here. The Mii defined the first 3 years of this past generation. Every family had several and other families wanted one of their own. While the Mii can’t be narrowed down to just one person, it’s also all of us who ever played a Wii to begin with. While the Avatar isn’t anything new and Microsoft and Sony both introduced their own down the line through Home and XBL Avatars, Nintendo’s Mii was the pinnacle of this process. Whether you were bowling strikes or hitting baseballs, the Mii was there.

Isaac Clarke
Dead Space caught a lot of gamers off guard with how well-developed it truly is. Considering when you think of survival-horror games, Resident Evil and Silent Hill come to mind, Dead Space pushed itself into a market that didn’t look like it was going to expand any time soon. However, with Capcom dropping the ball on Resident Evil and the developer changing its demographic massively, it allowed for Isaac and his creepy atmosphere to slink into perfect positioning. We’re not sure whether or not we’re going to see further missions featuring Clarke, but we definitely wouldn’t be against seeing more.

  • Josh

    Well, this list perfectly explains why this generation was so terrible.

  • Peter

    where is Master Chief?!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Garcia

      You should consider reading the opening paragraph.

  • NLMagic

    I tried for about 3 minutes to think of someone else who should be on the list…. coming up blank.

  • Reigen

    sackboy is #1 on my list

  • JKSums

    I know your talking about “people” in this list, but I feel as though Rapture from the original Bioshock is as memorable as any person or personoid character in gaming this generation. The city felt as though, in itself, it was a character. But if I had to name one, big daddy still makes me shudder at the very site of him.

  • Jurs


  • inc44

    I agree with Shep, maybe Isaac also. As a PC gamer I don’t give a single fuck about those ‘Mii’ things or Drake. And Gears of War? No matter how deep this game will be characters still look like brainless brutes…


    This generation was really when multiplayer came into its own. All my favourite games are multiplayer focussed and I have to force myself to play a single player game every now and then, which is probably why I couldn’t give a fuk about any of these character