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The Daily Five: 5 Games to Avoid This Year

Every year, games are released surrounded by a media blitz designed to get the game in your face and ready for consumption. These teaser trailers and preview events are created with the sole purpose of getting you to buy a specific game because you think it’s going to live up to that hype or its predecessors. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that some of these games aren’t worth the $60 you spend on them.

Though we like to think we can predict the future and that hindsight is for the birds, we think we can make some pretty safe predictions about some upcoming games that are going to leave more disappointed than satisfied. These games have a history of either delivering or meeting gamer standards, but we think these are going to be a total time waste and you would be better off putting your money into other areas of the industry — like on Watch Dogs, The Last of Us and other titles guaranteed to deliver.

Dead Island: Riptide

The original Dead Island felt like a niche title, yet touched on a phenomenon that’s been sweeping the industry as of late — zombies. Unfortunately, it feels like we’re all getting a little worn out on being tasked with taking out horde after horde of the undead. Yes, these aren’t exactly the zombies you’re looking for, but let’s be real here, Dead Island is definitely trying to feed off of that genre.


Sadly, Dead Island didn’t meet expectations and despite Deep Silver releasing its latest trailer to market Dead Island: Riptide to the masses, we think it’s going to be met with similar gamer disappointment. This is definitely an avoid title and we’re calling it now.

Lost Planet 3

There are going to be a ton of people trying to hype up Lost Planet 3 after the disaster that was Lost Planet 2, but don’t fall for it. Consistency is something all developers strive for, but they’re usually striving for positive consistency, not this. If you’re expecting Lost Planet 3 to deliver where the previous two titles failed, you may be a little bit insane.

lost planet 3

It’s very likely that Lost Planet 3 is going to disappointment, so you’re going to want to wait for this to at least hit the bargain bin before you throw your money down. Don’t worry though, you should only have to wait a couple of weeks or a month tops.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Honestly, Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2 were great games. The platforming and combat were fun, the plot was intriguing enough to keep you interested and it felt like Ubisoft was going in an awesome direction with this franchise. Then, someone went bat-shit crazy and this franchise took a deep nose dive into mediocrity. Now, they’re talking about Call of Duty-ing this series into the depths of hell until we ask them to stop. So we are. STOP.

Assassins Creed IV BlackFlag

Assassin’s Creed 3 was critically well received, but anyone who actually picked it up with their hard earned money is going to tell you that this game wasn’t really deserving of the praise it received. A lot of the game was dull, didn’t meet previous standards, and included segments that were just worthy of an ultimate rage quit. Do yourself a favor and pass on this next one.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

My first question would be: Who the hell asked for her to come back? Nobody wanted Lightning to return. Hell, nobody wanted to try and find her in Final Fantasy XIII-2. If we’re keeping it real like we should be doing, we’d be voting with our wallets and pushing Square Enix to stop releasing this trash and start focusing on bringing us the Final Fantasy titles we’ve been asking for: Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy VII fully redeveloped to meet next generation standards.


Square has made great strides with publishing an awesome improvement in the Tomb Raider franchise and Hitman: Absolution wasn’t bad, but this rinse and repeat going on with Final Fantasy XIII needs to stop already.

Wii Fit U

Remember that time you overpaid for the Wii because your friends had one and loved Wii Sports, and then the same thing happened for Wii Fit? That’s because you bought into the hype and ended up with a dust collector to rival the early days of the PlayStation 3. The only difference is, the Wii continued to build up dust while the PS3 became a usable product. If you fell into this situation last generation, don’t go out and waste your money on Wii Fit U. You’re just asking to be slapped around a bit at this point.


Instead, support third-party developers that are trying to make the Wii U an acceptable platform for gaming. Don’t leave these guys hanging. If you want your Wii U experience to improve, not get worse, avoid garbage like this and support developers trying to actually help you justify your purchase.

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