Avalanche Studios: Make Games Longer, See Less Trades

June 17, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Avalanche Studios’ founder and Chief Creative Officer, Christofer Sundberg, recently revealed to Edge Online that he feels gamers are trading in games as often as they do due to the length of each game. Apparently, Sundberg believes that a game’s length has a lot to do with whether or not gamers will trade a game in or not.

“I’m sure it’s been an issue but that’s because games have been too short,” he replied. “I mean when you can play a game through from 8 to 10 hours, I would return the game too, because there’s no reason for players to play it again.”

“If you’re offering little variation, then there’s no motivation for the player to keep that game – unless they want to have a nice bookshelf. That’s why we answered that with Just Cause. I go into game stores each week and I always go to the used game boxes – I usually don’t find that many [copies of Just Cause].”

While he does bring up a good point, it’s tough to put any stock into this reasoning. It sounds more like gamers trade in games that have less replay factor than they do length of time to completion. If a game takes only 5-6 hours to complete, but has multiple unlockables and it a blast to play through, gamers are going to complete that game multiple times. However, if a game is 18-20 hours in length and offers very little, it’s not going to change the desire to trade it in for the maximum value.

It’s interesting to see his stance on this, but there are more factors in place than just game length. Hopefully the used game market continues to exist because without it, a lot of developed wouldn’t be able to draw in more fans to its franchises.