Bruce Lee Revealed as Preorder Bonus for EA Sports’ UFC

April 7, 2014 | By | No Comments


Over the weekend it was revealed that EA Sports’ UFC title would be released on June 17th, 2014. This date coincided with the blockbuster news that Bruce Lee would be a preorder bonus fighter for the game as well. The news of Lee joining the roster of UFC fighters is not only intriguing and completely badass, but also provides gamers with a preorder bonus they actually want. Bruce Lee is an iconic martial artist and master of the Wing Chun fighting style, so it’ll be interesting to see how the developers incorporate his fighting techniques into the game itself.

It’s also been revealed that Lee will be available in over eight different weight classes, making him the most versatile fighter in the game. In the event that you can’t preorder UFC, you won’t be missing out on Lee, so don’t worry. Bruce also unlocks once you complete the career mode portion of the title on Pro difficulty.

If we’re being honest, this is easily one of the greatest pieces of preorder content we’ve seen in recent memory. Sure, you can unlock him in-game after some serious play time, but to have the master made available from the start is a definite bonus.


Dana White, the President of UFC, believes that Bruce Lee was the founding father of mixed martial arts and it’s hard to argue with him.

“There’s no debate, Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts,” said Dana White, UFC President. “He believed not one style of fighting was the best and that you had to have a little piece of everything to be a complete fighter. He was proven right when the first UFC event took place in 1993.”

Lee’s daughter, Shannon, was also a big supporter of having her father’s legacy live on through EA’s UFC title in order to give fans of his another way to interact with the martial arts legends.

“I am so excited about this opportunity to bring my father back to videogames!” said Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, CEO of Bruce Lee, LLC and Chairperson of the Bruce Lee Foundation. “I’m thrilled that fans can now interact with him in a new way. The EA SPORTS UFC development team has been incredible to work with, and they’ve done a great job capturing the look and feel of my father. I think people will love getting a chance to fulfill a fight fantasy by playing Bruce Lee in the new UFC game.”

It’s starting to sound like everything is coming up spades for EA Sports when it comes to its UFC title. There was quite a few grumbles about EA receiving the license for the next UFC title, but it’s becoming quickly evident that the game is in great hands.