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Coin Master Mod Apk – Latest Version 2019

Once upon a time in the medieval era, there was a Viking King who lost his Kingdom and wants to take revenge on their enemy by building villages. You need to build a village and keep on attacking other people villages for coins; these coins can be then used to build and upgrade your villages.

The game seems to be an old boring school where you need to build a village and upgrade them and then you will seek new village. But the fun part lies in one of the main attractions of the game; it calls “Wheel of Fortune” which you need to keep on rotating and get game items which will decide what action you can take on your enemy.

Coin Master Mod Apk 2019

Coin Master is available free on Google Play Store, and you can directly download from it. But if you will not get many enhancements which come with the Mod Apk files which will fetch you many additional functions which are missing in the original files.

Download Coin Master Mod APK

Coin Master description

Coin Master
Publisher Moon Active
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 35 M
Current Version 3.5.6
Last update Jan 8, 2019
Mod files size 72M

Coin Master Game Features

There are many features which you will find unique in Coin Master Game, some of them are as follows

  1. Run “Wheel of Fortune,” and you will get different game items
  2. You can get hammer, Shield, Pig Face or Coins
  3. Attack other people village and earn coins
  4. Build your Village and upgrade them
  5. Collect different cards in the game
  6. You can also send cards are a gift or receive them from friends
  7. You can Trade Cards with your friends
  8. Suitable for 7+ age
  9. Beautiful and cool game character
  10. Casino and Village building mix in one game

Coin Master Mod Apk File

You will require Coin Master Mod Apk Files as it contains many functions and additional features which you will miss in the original apk, some of the features are as follows

  1. You will get Free 5000 Coin Master Spins in your account
  2. You will get free 50,00,000 Coins in your account
  3. Do not forget to install the Obb files correctly in your Smartphone
  4. 20 Game Cards will be available in your account
  5. Enjoy the Coin Master Apk files with additional features

How to get free Coins in Coin Master Game

There are many proven methods to get free coins in Coin master game, some of them are as follows

  1. Do not miss to login Daily

One advice what we can give to all players is, not to miss daily login as you will fetch free spin and login bonus when you do that in Coin Master game. This will also ensure for you, that you will not miss out any special announcement regarding the game. Free Spins are also available every hour which you can always check if you are not playing the game.

  1. Connect with friends by Facebook

One of the best free Spin gathering idea is to connect your game account with your Facebook account. If you are connecting your game account with Facebook, you will be benefited by

  1. You will get 50 Extra Spin
  2. You will Get 100 K Coins in your account
  3. You can share your online progress
  4. You can share your Game Cards with your friends
  5. The early game announcement in your Facebook Feed
  1. Collect Cards

Coin Master has introduced a new game item which is called Game Cards. These you can get by spinning wheel or buying them in the online store of the game. You can also share cards with your friends to make complete sets. These Cards also come in Chests which can be won by raiding other people bases and spinning wheel.

  1. Watch Video ad and get Coins or other free items

One of the best features which get introduced is Video Ads, which means that you can get free Coins when you watch these Video Ads.

Final words

Be ready for the epic journey where you will pose as a Viking king ready to launch an attack on other people village. If you are looking for Coin Master Mod apk 2019, then you can check our post and get it free with additional features.

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