CounterSpy Heading to PS3 and Vita

May 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

CounterSpyIn a string of Sony-helmed PlayStation announcements, CounterSpy has been announced as a PS3 and Vita title releasing within a few months. Made by the indie studio Dynamighty, the game boasts a gorgeous art style with a unique environment.

CounterSpy is being literally built around the aesthetic, which is very No More Heroes-esque, but in 2D. Set in the 1950s-era of espionage, you are a part of COUNTER, an organization built upon sabotaging the world’s two most prolific superpowers. You are countering (get it) these destructive plots by raiding their gigantic bases and dismantling their mad inventions, all before they can even begin to launch some of the most destructive weapons in the entire world.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.45.03 PMDynamighty are self-proclaimed side-scroller fanatics, stating: “At Dynamighty, we are huge fans of side-scrollers and CounterSpy is our love letter to the genre. These are some of the classic games that shaped our childhood: Flashback, Out of this World, Impossible Mission, Metroid, and more recently, the awesome Shadow Complex. We’re inspired to deliver something that brings our own voice to the genre.”

With a unique premise and aesthetic, CounterSpy poises to be one of the more interesting titles hitting the PS3 and Vita. And hey, the world could use some more Metroidvania games.

Source: PlayStation Blog