The Daily Five: Best Advice for Your First Day in Los Santos

September 17, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Rockstar Games officially released Grand Theft Auto V today and it’s a game so massive that it’s almost overwhelming and difficult to figure out what you should do first. I mean, with so many options, it’s hard to stay on track with the story line and it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to get sidetracked immediately. So, what are some of the things you should do once you have full control of your characters?

The answer to that is simple, in my case anyways. These are the five best things to do when you first get into the city of Los Santos.

Rob Gas Stations

Cash is king in Grand Theft Auto and this installment is no different. However, before you can start competing with the big guns financially, you need to get a small bankroll going to supply yourself with weaponry, ammo, and swagging out your characters. That’s right, swagging out. A good way to get that initial bankroll going is to start robbing local gas stations for $300-700 per stick up. It’s fast, effective, and very easy to get away from the police in these situations. It’s almost like they’re just giving you the money for free (which they are).

Find Special Events to Earn Cash

Throughout the city you’re going to come across markers that let you know if there are special events going on. This could something simple like trying to catch a thief, or helping a couple of thieves make a quick getaway from a robbery. Regardless of which side of the law you want to be on, these are great methods to get your funds rising. A lot of getaway opportunities are going to net you over $1,000 and really give you the ability to start playing the stock market often and early.

Start to Max Out Your Skill Set

Each character has a special ability that makes him unique from the other two. For instance, Franklin is a genius behind the wheel. However, while it’s important to get this skill maxed out as soon as possible, it’s even more important to bring up his weaker skills quickly. Franklin is a really weak shooter, so I suggest you hit up the gun range and go through some of the training challenges with different types of weapons. If you do well in the challenges, you’re going to see your shooting skills raise very quickly and you will be a lot more help when it comes to pulling the trigger.

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