The Daily Five: Best Games to Buy in May 2014

May 1, 2014 | By | No Comments

Last month, April brought us a handful of great titles, one of which is also being made available this month. Now that we’re in May, the availability of great games is only going to continue to rise for gamers around the world. This month we have titles coming from big time developers across a wide range of platforms, including the PlayStation Vita. We’re going to list off what we think are the best games coming in May, so let us know if there are any others you’re excited about.

Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 launch titles in June — that was until, Ubisoft delayed the title at the last hour. Since then, we’ve all been waiting patiently for the open world title set in an alternate universe Chicago to hit store shelves. When it finally received a release date of May 27th, a lot of the anticipation had fallen by the wayside. However, we know that as the date draws closer, that anticipation will steadily rise once more.

Ubisoft’s upcoming open world title features Aiden Pearce in his attempt to disrupt and manipulate Chicago’s ctOS network system in order to find justice for the tragedy his family was involved in. It’s going to be a unique adventure compared to some of the ones we’ve been on in the past and we’re looking forward to this one entirely.

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