The Daily Five: Cole MacGrath’s Best Moves

March 21, 2014 | By | No Comments

By now, many of our readers have gone out and purchased inFamous: Second Son. While we are all excited to begin Delsin Rowe’s journey through Seattle, it is always good to remember our roots. Cole MacGrath may be gone, but that doesn’t mean he should be forgotten. While the new smoke and neon powers are cool and all, Cole’s powers were just… electrifying (forgive me the one pun, please).

Today, we are revisiting the ghosts of inFamous past and listing off our five favorite powers from the first two entries in the inFamous franchise.


Cole MacGrath's Best Moves - Precision

Nothing beats the feeling of pulling off a clean, precise headshot. How many times have we picked up a sniper rifle in a game of Call of Duty or Battlefield, leveled it at an enemies skull, pulled the trigger, and just basked in the glory of an awesome kill? Really, there is nothing that can top that feeling. Except, maybe, if you use a LIGHTNING BOLT instead of a bullet!

Precision might not be the fanciest power in Cole’s arsenal, but it is definitely one of the best. The ability to slow down time and expertly pick off bad guys one by one with a well placed jolt of lightning can get players out of a tight spot. More than that though, can we just talk about how cool it is to snipe someone with a lightning bolt? We don’t know what could be much cooler than taking out a group of enemies with a series of precise lightning strikes right between the eyes. Talk about a “shocking” experience (I promise, last pun).

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