The Daily Five: Favorite BioShock Moments

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With the sad announcement that Irrational Games is essentially closing down, the fate of the BioShock franchise is in question. Irrational made BioShock one of the defining franchises during the last generation of gaming. It was a perfect blend of first-person shooter and action/adventure. While it is likely that another studio under the Take-Two umbrella will take up the vaunted series, we all know it just won’t be the same. With that in mind, we are listing off our five favorite moments from the series that took us from beneath the waves to all the way above the clouds. These are our five favorite BioShock moments.

Note: With all respect to the men and women who worked on BioShock 2 at 2K Marin, this list is meant to serve as a celebration of Irrational’s work on the BioShock franchise. For this reason, only moments from BioShock, BioShock Infinite, or BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea were considered. Also, to prove how deep these games really were, we have chosen not to feature the infamous “Would You Kindly” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” moments from their respective games. Both of these moments were featured in previous Daily Fives.

Seeing Rapture for the First Time

After narrowly surviving a plane crash and entering an ominous looking lighthouse, we should have known we were in for something extraordinary. As we enter the Bathysphere and begin to descend into the briny deep, the voice of Andrew Ryan begins pontificating about how the United States, Russia, and religion has held society down long enough. It is time for the glory that is Rapture. However, nothing Ryan says to us can really prepare us for the wonder of seeing the underwater city for the very first time.

Rapture is both beautiful and sad to behold. Great is its magnificence, but even greater is the horror of its ruin. The first time we lay eyes on BioShock’s underwater metropolis, our jaws go limp at the thought of what must once have been. However, upon closer inspection, our minds and hearts begin to fill with fear over what sort of denizens would still haunt the halls of this underwater tomb. While the twist of “Would you kindly” is always spoken of, no moment tops the combination of fascination and terror we get from seeing Rapture for the very first time.

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