The Daily Five: Games That We Hope Won’t Suck in 2014

January 31, 2014 | By | No Comments

2013 might have been a banner year for the games industry, but that doesn’t mean that the gravy train is slowing down anytime soon. Whether you’re on board with PS4, still clutching your PS3, or prefer to take your gaming on the go with Vita, there’s no shortage of stuff to look forward to.

But then there are the games that, for all of the hype and build-up, aren’t quite so certain. You know the type: Big budget games that publishers assure us will usher in a new era for the industry, but upon closer inspection look like they might end up being a little bit crap.

These five games make me a little nervous when I think about getting excited for them, and hopefully they can prove me wrong. I worry because I care, damn it.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Whether you hated Final Fantasy XIII or were indifferent to it, everyone rolled their eyes at the announcement of XIII-2; you can’t help but admire the chrome-plated set on Square Enix to suddenly expand Lightning’s saga into an unlovable trilogy. Two more games after the original was so divisive? Bless your heart, Square.

I mean, who knows? Maybe Lightning Returns will wrap the trilogy up in such a way that it’ll retroactively make the first two games the finest RPGs to ever see release. More likely than not, though, the best case scenario for Lightning Returns is that it will be “fine.” Those who played through XIII and XIII-2 will think “I’d may as well,” haters will continue shaking their heads at the battle system, and this whole thing will be forgotten by the time Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XIV are out in 2018.

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