The Daily Five: Games We Want from Telltale

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Whether you enjoy the point-and-click adventure genre or not, there is no denying that Telltale Games knows how to craft an amazing story. From the lighthearted fun of Back to the Future to the soul-crushing despair of The Walking Dead, Telltale has proven itself as a studio that can create memorable moments that will be talked about for years to come. There is no end in sight for Telltale, having received the rights to make games based on Game of Thrones and Borderlands.

With today’s release of the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, Smoke & Mirrors, we couldn’t help thinking about what franchises we would like seen turned into Telltale adventure games. We humbly present to you five franchises we believe Telltale should pursue.

Doctor Who


Doctor Who is nothing short of a television phenomenon. For over fifty years, this offbeat story of an alien with a blue phone box that can move through space and time has thrilled audiences both young and old. Despite being chock full of wild locations, memorable villains, and a wonderful cast of characters, Doctor Who has never translated well to the video game world. Maybe it is because a show where the main character rarely uses a weapon and instead focuses on story lines and character development just doesn’t translate well to the action-centric medium that is gaming. That is where Telltale enters.

Imagine what Telltale could do with a license with such a rich history. Because the Doctor is a character who has had many faces during different eras, Telltale could easily craft a story that utilizes multiple Doctors and companions over a long period of time. A five episode arc that begins with all-time favorite Tom Baker only to finish with new Doctor Peter Capaldi would be, in the words of the Ninth Doctor, “Fantastic.” Telltale has proven they are best at creating stories from franchises that value character and story above action (see The Walking Dead) and Doctor Who would be a perfect playground for the game developer.

Speaking of shows from the BBC made by Steven Moffat…

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