The Daily Five: Greatest Game Commercials We Missed

April 10, 2014 | By | No Comments


If you watch television or even go to the movies, you’re going to be met with commercials trying to sell you a product you likely don’t want or need. As gamers, commercials are a great resource for building up our own anticipation and excitement for an upcoming game we’re looking forward to.

However, sometimes these game commercials don’t always make sense and sometimes they’re about completely unrelated products. Generally, the Japanese are the ones coming up with this brilliant commercials that we’d never expect to see America. Because of that, we’ve decided to scour the internet and find the best game-related Japanese commercials that we’ve missed out on in the west.

It’s likely you may have seen a couple of these, but we doubt you’ve seen all of them. Even if you have, they’re definitely worth a second look. We still can’t believe one commercial was dedicated completely to boobs — seriously.

Final Fantasy IX for Coca Cola

Some gamers love Final Fantasy IX and some gamers love Coca Cola — so the next obvious step is mixing them together, right? Of course it is. Coca Cola teamed up with Square Enix to deliver a pretty awesome commercial that should appeal to both gamers and caffeine junkies alike. It’s understandable as to why this never made it over to North America, as it definitely doesn’t appeal to our society in the same way it does Japan’s, but we would have loved to see it.

The only way you’re going to see a commercial of this nature hit the mainstream in America is if it’s featuring a first-person shooter like Halo (locked into Mountain Dew, right?) or Gears of War (this could happen).

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