The Daily Five: Iron-Clad Xbox Reveal Predictions

May 20, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

We’ve heard a lot of things about the new Xbox, but just about the only thing that we can nail down as fact is that Microsoft will be revealing it on May 21st at 1PM Eastern. Everything else is hearsay and rampant speculation.

But there’s something great about throwing predictions at the wall to see what sticks, isn’t there? You know the feeling: playing expert, thinking that you’ve picked up on something that everyone else somehow missed.

We know the feeling, too. Now that we’re precariously close to the reveal, we figured it’s as good a time as any to do a little prognostication of our own. Since we (read: me) are insecure, let’s start with the most obvious.

We Get to See the Console

Whoa! Way to go out on a limb, bucko!

Many viewing the PlayStation 4 event three months ago made a big stink about how the physical shape of the console wasn’t revealed, despite the fact that they went into clinical detail about the architecture that actually powers the games that you’ll play.

With Xbox Live’s Major Nelson making his feelings on Sony’s strategy rather clear, he’d look quite a bit silly if Microsoft didn’t show off their hardware tomorrow. Which they will.

We’ll Get a Date and Price, Too

This one actually does go out on a limb a bit, since these are the kinds of details that are usually reserved for E3. With Sony going out of their way to undercut the software giant, though, it’s the one extra step that Microsoft could take to swing some more mindshare back in their direction.

Whether that price and date are in line with what we’ve heard, though, remains to be seen.

Infinity is the Name

The names we’ve heard for the new Xbox aren’t terribly exciting, but Infinity is by far the most marketable. “360” was silly yet surprisingly effective, but almost everyone is in agreement that 720 wouldn’t really fly. We also don’t see Durango somehow making it as the first city to inspire the name of a console.

The only real roadblock for the Infinity name is that it puts a bit of a glass ceiling on whatever new hardware follows the new Xbox eight years from now — you can’t go higher than Infinity, after all. However, we doubt that Microsoft’s marketing department can pass up an alleged strapline like “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities.”

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