The Daily Five: Most Annoying Enemies in Games

March 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Rabid Stalkers

Most Annoying Characters - Stalkers

Pandora is full of dozens of enemies that would like nothing more than to rip your head off and deliver it to Handsome Jack. However, there are also beastly enemies like Bullymogs and Rakks that would devour your carcass at a moment noticed. Sadly, they’re not even the most annoying enemies in the game. Some may make the case for those flying Rakks, but nothing is more annoying than Rabid Stalkers.

Stalkers have the ability to go invisible, zip across the terrain and then attack you from behind or the side or head on. They’re devilish creatures that won’t allow you to just pummel them to death like the rest. Usually when we’re going from point A to point B in Pandora, we just run right by these guys and don’t even engage them. It’s not worth the headaches!

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