The Daily Five: Outrageous Weapons

April 21, 2014 | By | No Comments

We here at Stealthy Box have never shied away from our love of video game weaponry. From things that go bang to great swords that go clang, we love them all. While we’ve talked about some of the most devastating weapons in video game history in the past, today we are going to look towards the bizarre. Those weapons that are silly, goofy, or just down right outrageous.

Today, we list off five of the most outrageous weapons in gaming.

Cow Launcher – South Park

D5_Outrageous Weapons_Cow Launcher

Admittedly, we knew a game based on South Park would feature some truly outrageous weapons, but this one takes the cake. Who wouldn’t love to run around carrying a WBD (weapon of bovine destruction)? That’s right: the Cow Launcher lets players shoot cows at their enemies.

When the cow is launched correctly, players find their enemies’ heads stuck in the “business” end of the cow. If that doesn’t kill them, they sure won’t last much longer. Of course, if shot at something like a school bus…well, let’s just say we’re glad we don’t have to clean up the mess. If this doesn’t classify as an outrageous weapon, we don’t know what does.

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