The Daily Five: Overrated Next-Gen Features

October 8, 2013 | By | No Comments

PlayStation Vita Remote Play

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that less than 20% of PlayStation Vita users will use this feature consistently. I think this is another gem that is going to be used a couple of times from the get go but then be put back into use as a pure complimentary handheld. It just seems like big budget games that are developed for home consoles are meant to be enjoyed on a big screen, not a smaller handheld device. It’s like watching a movie on your iPod or cell phone — it’s far from ideal and strains the hell out of your eyes.

Second Screen Gaming

This is another feature designed primarily for the hardcore, hardcore gamer. It’s not going to be that widely used by developers to begin with from the looks of it and it’s unlikely most casual gamers are even going to know it exists let alone use it consistently. I’ve never thought second screen TV experiences were that big of a deal and I feel the same way about the gaming side as well. It’s great that Sony is offering up so many fantastic features that are going to appeal to a lot of gamers, but I think most of them are being overrated by the average gamer that is unlikely to utilize them as often as they think they will.

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