The Daily Five: What Rocksteady Needs to Do with Batman

February 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

With all signs pointing to a brand new Batman game, we can’t help be a little bit excited about Rocksteady’s imminent return to the Arkham series. While WB Montreal made a valiant attempt, it couldn’t come close to capturing the magic of the first two titles in the series. However, Arkham Asylum or Arkham City weren’t perfect either. There are plenty of things Rocksteady could add (or take away) to make the next Arkham game even better than the originals.

Today, we’re counting off five things we’d love to see Rocksteady do in the next Batman: Arkham game.

Cut the Multiplayer

Daily Five_Batman_Multiplayer

One of the more puzzling additions made to Batman: Arkham Origins was the inclusion of a multiplayer mode. While this is symptomatic of a problem the gaming industry is facing as a whole, there was no need to force multiplayer into a Batman game. The joy of playing a game about the Caped Crusader is in stalking and taking down groups of thugs and supervillains, not in participating in gang warfare.

It would serve Rocksteady to just cut the multiplayer mode entirely. Write it off as an experiment by WB Montreal and forget that it ever happened. Time and resources do not need to go towards a mode that people will ultimately not play. If consumers need additional content, they can always start trying to earn medals in the various Challenge Rooms.

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