The Daily Five: Top DLC Releases

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There is a lot of talk of downloadable content in the air. Killzone: Shadow Fall has a season pass, Assassin’s Creed IV has a season pass, Battlefield 4 has its premium service that is essentially a season pass, and Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea will be out pretty soon. So, what better time is there to talk about some of the best DLC released this generation?

DLC can be a very divisive thing, as a lot of people don’t like having to pay for extra levels or maps for the $60 game they just purchased. However, it is hard to argue that DLC isn’t worthwhile when it is done properly. Today, we will be counting down five pieces of DLC that got it right.

Mass Effect 2 – Lair of the Shadow Broker


Before EA and BioWare went DLC crazy with Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 2 only had a handful of major DLC releases. The biggest and boldest of those releases was Lair of the Shadow Broker. LOTSB allowed players to continue Shepard’s romance with Liara, further explore Illium, and learn a little bit too much information about their crewmates.

The DLC is action packed and keeps up a breakneck pace for its entirety. The joy keeps coming after the several hours of new story and combat, as players will have access to data files on crew members, video files of certain NPCs, and opportunities to earn extra resources and credits. All together, it is a huge piece of DLC that is well worth the price of admission. Lair of the Shadow Broker is the perfect example of what DLC should be: Not required to enjoy the game, but the game doesn’t feel the same without it.

Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare


What’s the only way you can make an amazing game set in the old west better? Add zombies! Undead Nightmare added a whole new campaign full of equal measures of humor and fright, as well as interesting new side quests. Who didn’t want to tame the Four Horses of the Apocalypse? Rockstar even managed to throw in new multiplayer content, giving Red Dead Redemption its own version of Horde mode. What could have simply been an interesting “What if…” brought up during a brainstorming session became one of the most memorable and far out DLC packages released this generation.

Rock Band (all) – Music Store


While the music game genre burned out quickly due to a saturation of yearly releases, no one can deny how great the Rock Band Music Store was. Harmonix put out fresh songs every week in almost every genre imaginable. Having these available for only $2 a pop made it simple for players to customize their personal song list. The fact that these songs all (almost) transferred to the different console versions of the game was just an awesome bonus. When you add in the Rock Band Network, which allowed musicians to upload their original songs as playable DLC, Harmonix’s approach was downright legendary.

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