The Daily Five: Ways to Create Havoc in Grand Theft Auto V

September 20, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

Outside of the narrative, most people use Grand Theft Auto V as a fantastic way to relieve stress by causing as much mayhem and chaos within the virtual city as possible. However, some of us aren’t as creative as others and thus we figure we’d give you a little advice in order to maximize your damage and wanted level as a high-tier criminal. Do these suggestions make me sadistic? Maybe, but I’m pretty sure this is how you play the game — I don’t know. What I do know is that when Grand Theft Auto Online releases in October all of this is going to become even more ridiculous.

Check out our five suggestions below and if you have some of your own, we’d love to hear them!

Sticky Bombs

Sticky bombs are probably the greatest weapon you have in Grand Theft Auto V. They’re highly useful and can be detonated in bunches which allows you to stockpile chaos, inducing explosions left and right. One of the coolest things to do is go into a busy strip at night time and lay sticking bombs down the road (25 is the limit). Of course, don’t forget to cover both sides and directions. As the nightlife comes alive in Los Santos, people will pile in and drive in a sense of safety to their destination, only to be met with an untimely demise. At the right moment, detonate those bombs and watch the fireworks show. This situation is guaranteed to land you 4 stars if done properly.

Abandoned Helicopters

Helicopters are a great way to get around Los Santos without having to worry about that annoying traffic getting in your way. However, they’re also a fantastic tool for creating a mass riot within the population. If you’re looking for the most effective way to push the police’s buttons in GTA V, then your only option here is to fly the helicopter over a police station with a loaded parking lot and base jump out. If your plan is to create mayhem within the base population, well then I suggest going to the pier where you can ride the Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster and just let loose with the ammunition and follow it up with another base jump once the police arrive.

Unreachable Vantage Point

Once you’ve acquired a helicopter, you can use it to reach places in the map that you can’t get to by automobile or walking. This puts you at a distinct advantage so long as you buy enough ammunition. If you’re wanting to get your wanted stars up as high as possible or get the Trophy for wanted level over time wanted, then this is one of the best ways to go about doing it. Simply fly up to a building’s roof that can supply you with cover and a lookout spot and just let loose with the bullets. Obviously a heavy sniper is going to be best here, but any gun or grenade will usually do. This should get those wanted stars climbing pretty quickly and you only need to really worry about air support as the ground troops are simply cannon fodder.

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  • 1800aaacool

    ok I am probably gonna get downvoted but all I hear about is gta 5 seriously can I please get something other else than this game, I get it, it really is a great game but seriously i’m starting to get just a little sick of it don’t get me wrong I love this game.

    • CComry

      Huh? Who taught you how to write?

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    iv spent hours just using sticky bombs on busy highways!! i think i need help :/