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Earn Unlimited Free Easy Robux Today

As you all know Roblox is the most played game on earth with more than 25 Million active users playing daily with more than 178 million accounts made. If you are looking for Easy Robux Today then, you are not alone, many players face the same issue, and they are desperate to get some Free Robux in 2019.

There are many methods by which you can get Easy Robux Today, but we have summarized eight methods which are working in 2019. You will find all methods are easy to follow and need some time to get your desired Robux. If you don’t want to wait, you could check our “Get Free Robux ” Button present in the website.

How To Get Free Robux in 2019

  1. Get Robux from GPT website

There are many websites which are called GPT website, these type of website gives out point or award some star for doing some small task. You can register to these websites and do some small task to get some points when you get enough of points then you can exchange those points for free Robux.

All these GPT websites have many tasks which you can complete within one day, but to get 500 Robux you need to work at least 30 to 40 days. Some of the tasks which you need to do in this GPT website are as follows

  • Installing software in your PC or system
  • Watch Videos with ads
  • Complete small survey
  • Give an opinion on any new product
  • Send an email to some recipients
  • Purchase small items using their affiliate links
  • Social media promotion
  1. Get Robux from GPT mobile

Like GPT website there are many GPT mobile apps which does the same thing. You need to, complete small task to get some points and these can be exchanged to get free Robux.

Some of the tasks which you need to do in GPT mobile app are as follows

  • Install apps in your Smartphone
  • Install Game apps and try to reach a certain level
  • Install Games Apps and play for certain hours
  • Watch Video Ads
  • Complete small surveys
  1. Trade Limited Items in Roblox

One of the trusted methods to get free Robux is to trade or exchange items, limited items, rare items, and collectibles items. You can sell these limited items after some time with a huge margin and get profit instantly.

There are many times during the year when you will get limited items are on sale. You need to purchase those limited edition Roblox items on those days and keep them for some time. After one to two year, you will see at least 30% to 40% increase in price.

If you want to trade or keep them for a longer period, then you must go with Rare items. Rare items prices increased double fold as time goes on, just buy some good rare items and wait for the price to sour again, sell them on right opportunity and get some quick Robux on that transaction.

  1. Make New Game

Recently there was news that some kids become a millionaire when his Roblox game become an instant hit with the young generation. If you are good at coding language Lua, you can try to make new Roblox game, or if you are not good at coding but good at imagination, then you should opt for Roblox Studio.

Roblox Studio is free to download software which is using to make Roblox game and environment. Roblox Studio is very easy to understand, and you can make Simple Roblox game within one hour by following tutorial present on the Roblox official website.

Roblox game can be hit by word of mouth, or you can engage professional promotor to push your game. If you have a good programmer team, you can make good, and big games like Prison Life, Jailbreak or Theme Park Tycoon.

If you are on thin budget, then you can hire one programmer and try to build the basic type of game which can be launch on Roblox platform free of charge.

  1. Try to Sell Game Passes

If you want to earn Easy Robux Today, then you can consider selling Game passes of some popular games or game which you have developed. There are many times when Game develop release Game passes, and you can purchase those game passes and sell them later for more prices.

Game Passes more potential than anyone as these give extra power to any game characters and players are in continues search for improving their game to win. Game passes give many hidden powers which normal player did not have; this gives an extra advantage to those players who hold game passes.

This is the main reason why people invest money on game passes for their favorite games.

  1. Sell Your Roblox Account

There are many people who live on buying and selling a Roblox account. Buying and selling of Roblox account are called farming, in this people make multiple accounts and get some Robux in those account with some rare items or limited-edition items. They then showcase this Roblox account to the users and sell them in a hefty amount.

People who purchase these accounts want to get those rare and limited-edition items which are in those game inventory. This method did not require huge investment and gave a good return; you can check this method and try to sell your account if you have good rare items in your account.

  1. Promote Games Online

You can get free Robux by promoting games online, you need your affiliate link in those games, and depending on the visitor or player you have sent to their website, you will get paid.

Promoting other person games need some targeting and planning where you need to target the potential players of Roblox with your game.

  1. Online website which pays after Surveys

There are almost more than 100 websites which claim that they can provide Robux within no time and sad to tell you that almost 99.99% of them are fake. They will make you complete the survey and will never give you anything. All these fake websites give false promise and show the user that they are going to hack the Roblox server. One thing which we want to make it clear is no one can hack Roblox server externally.

  • NO one can hack Roblox Survey Externally: As shown by some website that they are going to hack Roblox server with some fancy coding and showing that they already hack it for you and are providing free Robux. These all are fantasy, and Roblox server has enough firewall to evade these types of threats.
  • Roblox Have 24×7 IT team: they monitor each transaction closely for any illegal or hacking stuff. There is no way any hacker can intrude into their server and transfer Robux from there to your account.
  • All these Scam websites work on Surveys: All these scam websites work on surveys, and they will make you complete the survey and gives you nothing.
  • Avoid such type of Scam website: Always avoid such types of the website which did not have credentials and works only on fantasy promising big rewards and gives nothing.

Final words

So, these are the final working 08 methods which you can use to get Easy free Robux Today 2019. Always remember there are many legit ways to get Robux, and they all are time taking, but if you don’t want to spend time them, you can get it instantly by checking the “Get Easy Robux Today” button present in the website.

We advise you all to have caution with all online tools which give you instant Robux. Do not give any personal details or Roblox password or phone no to these type of website as they may be using to bully you later.

The Internet is full of Scam, and you should avoid such type of website which did not give any useful information or Robux after completing surveys.

Hope, you find this article interesting and get some free Robux codes in your account.