Firmware Update 0.85: Drake the Serial Killer

March 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

Firmware Update 0.85 - Drake the Killer

The Firmware Update this week features Joe unveiling his amazing new Rename the Game…Game. How will Malcolm do? Pretty good, considering it’s an opinion based game.

Talking points: Malc talks Dark Souls II, Joe can’t talk about Titanfall, the mystery game Hangar 13, Man of Steel 2’s mystery opponent revealed, Sony owns BAFTA, Sony won’t let The Last Guardian go, Firmware Update finally talks about Evolve, Witcher 3 and Driveclub not coming this year, Gone Home gone to consoles, and Joe is getting Destiny…ON XBOX ONE?!

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Community Question: Why the heck is Joe getting Destiny on Xbox One, and why he should get it on PS4 instead!

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