how to get free google play gift cards

Get Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Legit Ways [Unused]

Friends, if you are looking for a free unsused google play gift cards working method which is working in 2018, then you can go through our detail article on this topic. We have summarized all the categories and method by which you can earn free google play gift cards 2018.

Benefits of Google Play Credit

You will get many benefits when you redeem free Google Play credit, some of the finer benefits we have summarized below:

  1. Google play credit is the official credit used in google play store
  2. You can purchase any apps or movies or books or games using Google credit
  3. You don’t need Credit card/ Debit card for buying different apps in the Play store
  4. Google Play Credit can be used in any monthly recurring purchase such as games
  5. Google play credit did not get expired
  6. By using our legit method, you can expect to add Google Play credit to your account

What can I buy Using Google Play Gift Cards?

You can buy many things in Google play store using Google play gift cards, some of the items are given below:

  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Movies & TV episodes
  • Google Play Games (android apps)
  • Google Play Music (in-app purchase)
  • Google Play Newsstand (premium app)
  • Google Play Console

How to get Free Google Play Gift Cards?

There are many working methods by which you can get Google Play Gift cards; we recommend you to check our legit method to earn those Gift cards. Do not fall prey for the scam going on in internet “online Google Play Gift Cards generator.” These are fake websites which claim to give you Google play gift cards with one click.

We advise to stay away from these websites and go our legit way to earn Google Play Gift cards.

There are three methods at present which are working in 2018 for getting Google Play Gift cards. You can try all the three methods to generate Google Play Gift Cards. All the legit methods categories are giving below:

  • Opinion Rewards
  • GPT websites
  • GPT Apps

free google play gift cards methods



Opinion rewards category is those websites which give you direct Google play gift cards when you give your opinion on the certain product. You have to submit your opinion on certain product or programs for getting free play gift.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards are formulated by Google survey team, which means you can get free google play gift from official Google. To get this Gift card, you need to install Google opinion Rewards apps on your mobile. Google survey team will send your small survey on certain products in every week.

You can expect a payout of $1.00 Play Gift card every week from Google. These are the official survey from Google so, they will be different from a survey carried out for any company product. You should give your honest opinion on each of the survey questions.

Use this method to get free Google Play gift card every week.

(b) GPT Websites

GPT (get paid to) websites are those sites which give you points for doing some task; these points can be later converted to Google Play Gift Cards. There are many GPT websites which claim to pay their members for many years, but when we investigate we found out that 85% of GPT websites are fake. Do not fell pray for these types of websites which did not give a payout to their members.

We have found two GPT websites which are legit, and they always pay their member on time. You should consider joining them to get Google Play Gift Cards.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks are the GPT website which pays you when you complete certain task available on the website. It is the largest Points gathering website which always pays member on time. You can accumulate points which later you can convert it for Google Play Gift cards. You will get rewards by $50 Google Play Gift Card for 5,000 Points gather in the Swagbucks.

There are many small jobs which you can perform in Swagbucks, some of them are as follows:

  • Completing small surveys
  • Buying small products using affiliate links of Swagbucks
  • Watch videos
  • Install apps and reach certain levels in games
  • Doing small jobs like the filling of small forms



Another great destination for GPT websites is, which gives Free Digital Gift Code for points you have earned. PointsPrize is a legit website, and you should consider joining this website as they always pay on time. There are many small jobs you can perform on this website for getting points, some of them are as follows

  • Gather points by completing the paid survey
  • Gather points by completing the free survey
  • Gather points by app downloads
  • Earn points by watching video ads
  • Earn points by giving an opinion on certain products

You can also earn 10% for getting your friends joins under your referral.

  1. InstaGC

InstaGC is more flexible to give points then Swagbucks and PointsPrize; You can get the point by doing micro jobs which later can be converted to any of your desired Gift Cards. There are many jobs you can perform in InstaGC to earn points some of them are as follows:

  1. Earn points by completing surveys
  2. Earn points by watching videos
  3. Earn points by shopping online
  4. Earn point s by searching the web

(c)GPT Apps

There are many GPT (get paid to) Apps which are useful and can be used to earn Google Gift Cards by performing certain tasks. You have to install these apps on your mobile device to get daily points which later can be converted to your digital Gift Card.

How to Earn Free Google Play Gift Card by GPT Apps?

  1. Install the apps given in this article from Google Play Store
  2. Create an account in that app and validate your email
  3. Start doing small jobs in these GPT apps to get points
  4. Now you can convert these points to your Google Play Gift cards


FreeMyApps is an android app which gives you points for performing small jobs. These points can be converted into Google Play Gift Cards. You can perform a small task and earn points from it. You can perform these jobs to earn points in FreeMyApps

  1. Earn points by installing games
  2. Earn points by installing apps
  3. Earn points by watching videos
  4. Earn points by completing paid surveys
  5. Earn points by giving your opinion on certain products

You can also earn points by referring your friends to this apps.

  1. AppNana

AppNana is also one of the favorite destinations for point collector who wants to get free Google Gift Cards. You can perform small jobs to get points which you can convert to any digital gift code.

Some of the features of AppNana are as follows

  1. Download and install AppNana to your mobile to receive Nanas (points)
  2. Login daily to receive 400 Points
  3. You can Invite your friends and family members to get more referring points
  4. Perform small task to earn points such as
    • Competing paid surveys
    • Watching paid videos
    • Installing and reaching a certain level in games
    • Installing apps
    • Giving an opinion on a certain product
  1. JunoWallet

Another popular destination for GPT Apps is Junowallet which gives your chance to win mobile when you refer friends and family members. You can perform a task to earn points, and that points can be converted again to get Free Google Gift Card. Junowallet is present in Google Play store, and you can install it from there. You need to register your valid email id to start receiving points.

You can convert points to many digital gift cards, some of them are as follows

  1. Amazon Gift Cards
  2. Tango Gift Cards
  3. Google Play Gift Cards
  4. iTunes Gift Cards
  5. Starbucks Gift Cards
  6. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
  7. Nike Gift Cards
  8. eBay Gift Cards
  9. Domino’s Cards


  1. Cubic rewards

You can also check apps to get some points which can be later converted to Google gift card. It is similar to other GPT apps, and you need to complete the certain small task to get points, which you can convert to your desired Gift cards.

Final words

Well, now you know how to get free Google  PlayGift Cards using three methods. We encourage you to check all these methods to get free points which you can later convert to Free Google Gift Card.