10 tips for free Instagram followers

10 Working Tips To Increase Free Instagram Followers Instantly

You should consider these 10 steps to get more free Instagram followers.

Tip 1 # Create a Great Bio and Profile

If you want to succeed on Instagram, then you need to make a superb Instagram profile. You need to spend time on creating your Instagram Profile which will provide you more free Instagram followers.

The Instagram profile will include these things which you should consider making it great. Spend some time making these profiles:

  1. Name: it should be within 30 characters if you are trying to promote any product, put some keyword in your name so that your product name will be featured in the search. The name is the most important thing in your profile; you should spend some time thinking to make it. Try to include the brand name and popular keyword you want to target if you are trying to promote any brand. Choose any name which will show exactly what you are trying to promote.
  2. Username: Make it similar to your other social media channels. It will ensure all your followers are following the same brand on all social media platform. Username is unique, and we all love to have a username with some twist. Try to make some unique username and try to give some funny or different name which can be remembered
  3. Website: This is the most important item which you should never miss on our Instagram profile. It is a clickable link which means users can click on the link and they will land on your website. Do not forget to update your website if you have changed it recently.
  4. BIO: it allows 150 characters to convey your brand identity. You need to define your band product in those 150 characters or yourself in those 150 characters. Take some time and check how another influencer is making their BIO.
  5. Profile Picture: use your imagination and take some cool picture. It doesn’t matter if the picture is from a mobile device or some cool camera. You need to express your brand name or yourself in that profile picture.

Tip 2 # Share great content

Great content is the main thing which you should keep on posting in your Instagram stories. Content is king, on which people like to talk, comment on and like to share on their profiles. It is the main weapon which you can use to get more followers and reach out a new audience.

Great content can be written keeping in mind the target audience and their likes and dislike. You should post stories which keep on creating interest in audience mind, and they keep on sharing the post. You should consider in making visuals compelling and captions engaging.

Tip 3 # Cross-platform promotion

You should promote your Instagram profile on other social media to get more followers and likes. If you want that your Instagram profile should be discovered, then you must promote your Instagram profile on other social media platforms.

cross platform promotion to increase followers

You should create an account on different social media platforms with the same username or name, which will give audience brand awareness and they will relate your brand to different social media. You should also consider boosting your engaging post with paid media.

Tip 4 # Use relevant Hashtag to boost followers

The hashtag is the new buzz in 2018, you can use this for your post getting more followers, or you can follow your niche using Hashtag. Hashtag are special characters (#) with some relevant keywords. You can follow this # (keywords) in your post, which ensures that all the followers related to that keyword will get your post if they search for that keyword.

Follow this basic rule to get more followers in Hashtag

  1. Use relevant Hashtag to boost followers
  2. Use the small keyword in your post.
  3. Avoid lengthy keywords in your post
  4. A hashtag can be searched using the search button present on the Instagram dashboard
  5. A hashtag can be shared on other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook
  6. Create your Hashtag
  7. Check most popular Hashtag and then use it on your post
  8. You should include at least two Hashtag in your post

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Tip 5 # Gun for Instagram Explore Tab

Every day more than 200 million people visit Instagram explore tab every day. This is a huge opportunity for all those people who want to make their brand visible. Always, aim for Instagram explore tab and get thousands of followers within one day.

Instagram has made a unique feature which enables people to check which post is getting on the top of Instagram at that moment. You should consider using this facility and should get some buzz on what is popular at the moment.

Tip 6 # Post Consistently

You should post consistently, and it should be two times per day. A recent study shows big influencer post daily to get more followers. All the Influencer who post daily get 33% more followers than who post one time daily. Consider posting stories daily to attract more followers to your Instagram followers

Tip 7 # Post at the Right time

Posting your story at the right time also ensure that you got maximum followers. So, the best time to get a result is 11 AM to 2 PM Monday to Friday gives you maximum followers.

You should also keep in your mind that your brand is different from another brand, so post your stories and check your audience, what time of the day you receive the most followers. You should keep on posting your story at the same time of the day and get followers.

Tip 8 # Write Compelling captions

We all know Instagram is visual platform and all that comes in handy are captions and relevant Hashtag. You should consider making compelling captions, which ensure more followers to your profile.

Consider following these rule while making compelling captions

  1. Put some keywords in the captions; it will ensure relevant keyword information in the post.
  2. Ask a question to the audience, this method is very effective, where people get on engaging with the post and give replies.
  3. You should consider including emoji in the storyline
  4. You should consider different types of caption length which will ensure in-depth storytelling.

Tip 9 # Tag relevant user to boost your post

You should tag other Instagram users with ‘@’ so, those followers can get the relevant post and story. It will also ensure that other Instagram followers will revert to your story with the same subject. It will also ensure that they mention your post with their followers and you will get thousands of followers free on your account.

Tip 10 # Tag your Friends

This is called “tag-baiting,” what is tag baiting? Tag baiting is some sort of question which people put in the post; it asks followers to tag friends. For example “tag someone you know who needs a break or vacation or look like this? This type of question ensures maximum user participation and gets followers.

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