Gamer Mondays: Party Crashers

October 21, 2013 | By | No Comments


If you’re a gamer, there is a strong chance that you’ve played a game that puts you into a group called a “Party” before. This is usually the case for multiplayer games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Final Fantasy XIV, and any team-based game. Whether you call them teams or parties, we’ve all been stuck with someone or a few people that are simply put — useless. These are the players that are probably just starting out (noobs) or just so happen to be naturally terrible at the game.

I’ve recently ran into these types of individuals within Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It’s infuriating to play with these guys, but you know everyone has to start somewhere. However, when these guys have reached like Lvl. 20 and they’re still playing like complete dimwits, it gets to be increasingly difficult to handle.

In FFXIV, I’ve played a lot as a group-based healer and therefore my role within a group is pretty important and other players rely on me to keep them alive. However, there always seems to be this one annoying dick that feels the need to run into every mob group before the team has a chance to regroup and heal. These types of players do this constantly and it’s unrelenting resulting in the eventual death of the party and finally, me dying as the sole remaining player. This play style gets even more frustrating when you’re 30-40 minutes into an instance and then you die because of it. It’s like, slow down, relax, we’re not going anywhere.


What makes all of this funny is when these guys start complaining and bitching about how I’ve let them down or how I didn’t save them in time. Now, I can admit, I’ve let several guys die just because they continually pulled this stunt with the group I was playing with and in my mind, they deserved it. However, when the complaining starts, it almost makes it worth it — the time wasted.

This isn’t as deadly in the Call of Duty franchise, but it’s still painstakingly annoying. I’ve been on teams with guys who literally spin in circles or run around starting at the ground because they’re terrible using two analog sticks at once. I feel for these players and they’re probably just trying to have a good time, but do this in Free-For-All matches, not team-style matches. It even goes beyond your standard stand and spin tool as some players try to endlessly jump over objects that can’t be jumped over or try to shoot their own team simply because they’re confused or even those guys who go around just shooting to shoot. It’s all irritating beyond belief. I know some of these guys do it on purpose, but it’s sad to know that some of these guys are just genuinely bad.

It would be awesome if Activision could push these guys into their own little home because it would be great to watch a match play out between these types of gamers. I’d imagine with no time limit set that the match would last forever.

Have you guys ever come across any of this outrageous stuff when it comes to playing in parties? Let me know about it below!