GTA Online Punishes “Bad Sports”, Rewards Good Ones

October 1, 2013 | By | 1 Comment


The guys over at VG24/7 have actually been able to log-in to Grand Theft Auto Online and have noticed a couple of interesting things. First, players are encouraged to report abusive players as “Bad Sports.” If these players are continuously labelled as abusive over a period of time, they will eventually only be matched up with other players that are considered “Bad Sports.”

Lastly, players will apparently be offered some kind of incentive to be a “good sport.” One tip screen states that players with good feedback will periodically be rewarded for their good behavior. What form these rewards will take isn’t known at this time, since this is only GTA Online’s first day.

Have you been able to log-in and play yet? If so, what have you thought? Are you a good or bad sport? Let us know in the comments!