Lost Characters Gone for Good in Grand Theft Auto Online

October 14, 2013 | By | No Comments


Are you one of the thousands that started multiple characters at the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online back around October 1st? Well, if you lost any of your creations, don’t expect them to ever be recovered. According to the most recent entry on the GTAO Blog, any lost characters are, unfortunately, gone for good.

“For those asking about their lost characters or rank, those will not be able to be restored,” a Rockstar spokesperson wrote. “We sincerely hope that this cash stimulus we’re giving out this month will help you get back on your feet or to make your new life in Los Santos & Blaine extra sweet.”

However, this doesn’t help that GTAO is still losing personal vehicles as well. I’m going to guess these are lost for good too. I was a victim of this recently and it’s more than maddening, especially when you’ve recently put thousands of dollars worth of modifications into your vehicle.

We’ll give you a look at the best ways to spend your stimulus money later today.