Microsoft Explains the Locked to You Games Decision

May 22, 2013 | By | No Comments

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios Corporate vice-president, recently had a discussion with Edge Online in order to fill them in as to why having games locked to your account is a benefit to you as a gamer and not a negative. Unfortunately the way he explains this furthers the belief that Microsoft is going on the assumptions that gamers are simply just lazy and want to just become members of Axiom.

“We think, actually, that having the content that’s yours go with you is an important thing,” says Spencer. “You could have multiple Xbox Ones, your content is yours on every one of them, and it doesn’t require that you carry discs back and forth. The disc becomes a means of distributing the bits back and forth but the content is locked to you.”

Basically, it’s so you can do what you can already do but without the need to carry that heavy disc from console to console. Obviously that extra bit of a workout is far too strenuous and Microsoft would rather you focus those efforts on just playing the game instead. Funny enough, Spencer never truly goes into how this is going to work when it comes to the secondary market or lending your friends your games. Instead, Microsoft has chosen to dance around the question by displaying support for the idea and claiming the console is built around this idea, but we’re not allowed to know how yet.

“I think the whole idea of a secondary market is important and it’ll be important in the next generation and we’ve designed [Xbox One] with that in mind from the beginning. We think there are a lot of advantages of having your content assigned to you digitally – we did that on 360 with cloud-saved games – and we want to do that with content.”

It’s going to be a bumpy road to E3. Hopefully construction teams are working day and night to repave it once we get there, but until then, there are going to be way more questions than answers available.