New The Walking Dead Game to Focus on the Comics

August 21, 2014 | By | No Comments


Following the announcement that Overkill would be producing a new game based on The Walking Dead property, many wondered if the title would follow the events of the comic franchise, in the same vein as Telltale’s adventure series, or the AMC television show, like Survival Instinct did. Overkill Producer Almir Listo has given us an answer, courtesy of a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

When questioned about what direction Overkill would take with The Walking Dead, Listo replied with the following:

We’re working with Robert [Kirkman] himself. Seeing as he writes the comics, it’s only natural that we’ll focus on that. Personally, I love the focus on horror in the comics. We’ll focus on new characters and new storylines, same universe.

So, much like Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead point-and-click adventure series, Overkill’s take on the property will follow the comic series while also introducing new characters to the mix.

Listo was also able to confirm that the team responsible for Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 would be working on The Walking Dead, saying…

It’s the same crew that did PayDay: The Heist and PayDay 2, some old Starbreeze vet’s, plus a few more cool people that I’ve headhunted myself – very excited to share the news about them in the coming months. Robert and everyone and Skybound are the perfect partner – this will truly be something different. For the first time we’re independently financing and creating the game ourselves. We have full creative control, the money to pay for it, a great IP to play with and the community – you included – to help us give feedback and make it the coolest co-op experience ever.

Unfortunately, Listo did not reveal what systems this ambitious undertaking would be coming to. Hopefully, we will see The Walking Dead on the PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 3 in the coming years. Maybe in the meantime, you should check out what five things Overkill needs to do in this latest digital version of The Walking Dead to be successful.

Source: Reddit