Pachter: PlayStation Vita is Dead

August 12, 2013 | By | 14 Comments


Wedbush Securities analyst and gaming industry predictor, Michael Pachter, has made another bold claim that we’re unsure if is right or not. Pachter believes that Sony’s PlayStation Vita is now officially dead in the water and that the PlayStation 4 can’t save it.

“I think if they made the PS Vita in different colors it wouldn’t sell more, says Pachter. “The only thing that’s going to sell more Vitas is compelling software. God, I shudder to tell you how many units of Vita were sold this month, but the answer is ‘not very many’. The Vita is dead, it’s over. It’s a really great device that nobody thinks they need so no one’s buying it – it is really slick, if you get one you will like it,” states Pachter on his show, Pach-Attack.

Remote Play on the PS4 system fully unlocks the PlayStation Vita system’s potential, making it the ultimate companion device. With the PS Vita system, gamers will be able to seamlessly play a range of PS4 titles on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi access points in a local area network.”

It’s hard to say if Pachter is right or not. Many are willing to take the plunge on the Vita if Sony announces a PlayStation 4 + PlayStation Vita bundle at $499 this Holiday season. In fact, it would be a very good deal for gamers. It would also help Sony put the Vita in enough hands to matter which may result in developers supporting the device at a much more respectable level.

What do you guys think? Do you think the Vita is dead already?

  • Scots

    I really, really hope not. I need some good games for it.

  • kevin

    ps vita needs moreAAA title to boost

  • 1800aaacool

    I don’t want to offend anyone but he’s right I haven’t seen anyone in MY TOWN playing a psvita but it is a great device absolutely, but popularity is down so the device will die like the virtual boy no offense Nintendo fans

  • 1800aaacool

    or sony fans

  • Burton Pierre

    I like the Vita and all but I just don;t like the fact that they didn’t try and make any game that is made for the Vita that would sell, too many ports. That was the PSP’s problem too many ports. I wish it would have sell better Sorry Sony fans I have to agree, please don’t be offended by my comments I own a Vita but I haven’t played it in months.

  • Cesc Entreri

    I don’t think its dead. I haven’t got one yet but I definitely plan on getting one once the PS4 comes out.

  • Reigen

    Depends on what region your refering to. In the states its not doing good, here in europe its doing great, and in japan its lifetime sales have surpassed the 360. I should also mention that different regions see different game releases, and there is no shame in importing.



  • Jarbloko

    WiiU and Vita needs make a bundle.

  • Greg Rowe

    If they make a bundle for $499 like you said then there’s no way it’ll die. I’ll get that for sure!


    Vita fails because theres not enough intresting software on in. Just assasins uncharted and call of duty.

  • Reigen

    Software ain’t the problem, its got a ton of games. If you still fink vita needs more games than the vita just ain’t for you.

  • ndjehfekfhwe

    here’s something for you what about those people need to save money and need money for more important things so they get only the vita and no cool games on
    it deadpool, ac4, amazing spiderman, open world games injustice nope nope nope
    and nope all the coolest games are never out on psvita a formatted mine’s and when I got the lego batman 2 for ps3 it was so different that it made my vita be a piece of crap I don’t even use it. it’s just in my closet right now.

  • Thomas Spyropas

    Unfortunatelly right now the target group of consumers that whould buy Vita , have bought android tablets as a handheld console. Nba 2k13 is out for android tablets and not for ps Vita because android tablets are lead the world market .

    So definatelly the reason that Vita have a hard time is android tablets/phones.