Pachter: PlayStation Vita will “fall flat”

June 12, 2013 | By | No Comments

Michael Pachter has claimed that Sony’s portable handheld, PlayStation Vita, is too “hardcore” for the handheld market and that the device is going to “fall flat.”

Speaking to GameTrailers, Pachter predicted a dark future ahead for the PlayStation handheld and if he’s right, a lot of adopters aren’t going to be too happy about it,

“Sure there will be the occasional game, but the market’s dominated by smartphones, 3DS, Vita’s too hardcore,” said Pachter. “Sony will try to revitalize Vita, but it’ll fall flat.”

Pachter may not be too far off with this prediction as Sony’s showing for the device at E3 2013 this year was pretty bare bones. Sony did, however, unveil The Walking Dead: 400 Days for the device as well as other remastered HD titles, but nothing significantly impacting that is going to move units from the shelves.

Do you think the Vita is doomed or does it still have time left to recover?

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