[Updated] PS4 Warns Players Before Overheating

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[UPDATE] Shuhei Yoshida just stated on Twitter that the rumors of the “Red Line of Death” are completely false. It can be assumed that the story and picture are both fabrications at this point. If there are any further updates, Stealthy Box will report them.

[Original Story]

Over this generation, consumers had to worry about suffering the dreaded “Red Ring of Death” and/or “Yellow Light of Death”. Now, it appears that PlayStation 4 owners must fear the “Red Line of Death.” At an event in Spain, attendees reported that a PS4 system (shown above) displayed a message on screen stating that the system had reached a very high temperature, while the blue indicator line on the system had changed to red.

However, when the case that had enclosed the PS4 was opened, the indicator light quickly switched back to blue and the message on the screen disappeared. This may suggest that the “Red Line of Death” has been implemented by Sony as more of a “Red Warning of Imminent Death,” giving consumers an indication that damage to the system is likely if it is not cooled soon.

This condition/warning should (hopefully) not be widespread. Most users will keep their systems well ventilated, unlike the capsule that contained this PS4.

This writer hopes that this “Red Line of Death” is meant as nothing more than a warning, and that Sony may have taken steps to prevent the kind of disappointment too many console owners had to face during this last generation.

Source: Videogamescene