PSA: PS3 Firmware v4.45 Is Bricking Consoles

June 18, 2013 | By | 4 Comments

Sony released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 earlier today, allowing you to turn off trophy notifications. While the usefulness of this feature is still up for debate, what really matters is that the firmware seems to be bricking several users’ PS3s and not allowing them past the startup animation to the Xross Media Bar, according to a discussion thread on the official PlayStation community forums. We highly recommend that you hold off on updating your PS3 until Sony fixes this issue.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus user worried about your system auto-updating its firmware, fret not: while the service will download the faulty firmware to your console, it won’t install until you prompt your PS3 to do so. Again, don’t follow through on doing so.

Source: PlayStation Community Forums

  • Scots

    Glad I saw this news before doing the update. Son’s going to have some fixin’ to do.

  • elitesniper

    this happened to me about 8 months ago with an update sony brought out, managed to get my ps3 working but isn’t fixed completely, cant play games online now and cant buy stuff through ps store

  • Damon

    None of the people I know have had this happen to them.
    I’m guessing it’s a really rare thing to happen, then.

  • jugdish

    I thought it was my external HD causing problems (it had power cycled itself a few times) but clearly not #waa
    Hasnt been happening all the time though *touch wood*