Sci-Fi MMO Defiance Going Free-to-Play in July

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As is a common shift with MMOs these days, the sci-fi MMO Defiance is going free-to-play on PS3 and PC platforms starting with the PC on June 4th and PS3 on July 15th.

Developed by Trion Worlds, the game behind the successful and also formerly pay-to-play MMO Rift, Defiance will be rewarding players who picked up the game early under the $49.99 price point once the change occurs, providing them with a 30-day ‘Paradise Patron status’ which will include a set of across-the-board boosts for their characters, as well as a discount in the game’s online store plus 1,000 in virtual currency. The company claimed that the transition to free-to-play was part of the plan all along.

The game is also undergoing some significant changes to improve the scaling of missions and rewards to make older quests feel more valuable to higher level players.

“We really wanted Defiance to have that feeling of accomplishment and achievement,” said Trick Dempsey, Defiance’s creative director. “But we had to first solve how to handle dynamic adjustment. Those things needed to be in place [for the free-to-play switch] or else people would have a hard time playing together.”

Trion Worlds will be hosting a Defiance livestream event this Friday at 5pm Eastern to explain more about the game’s free-to-play transition and to answer questions from the community. The second season of the SyFy TV adaptation of the game premieres June 19th.

VIA: Polygon