Sony to Showcase 50+ Titles at Upcoming Tokyo Game Show

September 3, 2013 | By | 3 Comments


If you’re a PlayStation gamer, you have to start getting excited for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show because Sony is planning on turning it into a mega resort for the PlayStation brand. According to recent press release from Sony, it plans to show off more than 50 titles across its family of platforms throughout the show which runs from September 19 to 22.

Included in this 50+ game extravaganza is said to be more than 10 PlayStation 4 titles. This, of course, includes the big name titles like Knack, Driveclub, Killzone Shadowfall, and Capcom’s upcoming online title, Deep Down. When you consider how many other games are left to show, it leads you to believe that we may get to see some unannounced PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita titles as well.

It’s not secret that Sony’s handheld could use a boost in the software department and when you consider the recent drop in MSRP for the device along with its memory options, games are the only thing left sorely lacking. Hopefully Sony can remedy this situation in Tokyo this month.

As expected, we’ll be bringing you all of the updates from TGS as they happen, so be sure to check back with us.

  • Reneid Klein

    Looking forward to that Shenmue announcement, lol. (The laughter hides my tears)

  • Chad Fenwick

    I look forward to more Vita games! GO!!!

  • Scots


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