Sony’s PlayStation 4 Revealed?

May 13, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

[Update] Sony has informed Kotaku that this trailer is most certainly fake.

When Sony held its PlayStation 4 event in February, many gamers were displeased with the fact the console wasn’t present at the event. However, most expected E3 to be the grand reveal of Sony’s next generation console. Yesterday, a YouTube video was uploaded that may contain video footage of what the PlayStation 4 is going to look like.

It’s uncertain whether or not this video is legitimate, but if it is, we’re sold. The console looks sleek and definitely would fit in perfectly with any entertainment stand.

Check it out below.

  • Nick Powell

    I want.

  • Michael Godfrey

    Wow, if that’s an actual advert, it’s not very good. Bring back David Lynch!