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Gamer Mondays: Making a ChoiceEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Making a Choice

Image credit: Operation Rainfall Gaming is unlike all other forms of entertainment in that it requires active audience participation in order for a story to be...

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Gamer Mondays: Struggling with Game LengthEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Struggling with Game Length

Image credit: Toni Verdú Carbó Growing up, I had to make sure I squeezed everything I could out of the video games I got my hands...

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Gamer Mondays: Everyone’s a MetacriticEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Everyone’s a Metacritic

At one time, there wasn't much in the way of video game journalism to help us decide what games we should buy or rent. We...

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Gamer Mondays: Please Stop Yelling About NPD NumbersEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Please Stop Yelling About NPD Numbers

Image credit: Mark Farrell under the Creative Commons license There’s no shortage of exciting gaming events over the course of the year. While annual shows like...

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Gamer Mondays: Game-to-Wallet RatioEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Game-to-Wallet Ratio

Tomorrow we'll see both Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 release to the gaming public. A lot of you plan to consume both titles as quickly...

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Gamer Mondays: Will Rehash for CashEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Will Rehash for Cash

A few years after the PlayStation 3's launch, Sony began releasing HD remakes of some of the biggest titles from the PlayStation 2. Microsoft followed...

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Gamer Mondays: Buying at Launch is for SuckersEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Buying at Launch is for Suckers

With its recent launch in Japan over the weekend and several months in scarce supply everywhere else, it’s safe to say that the PlayStation 4...

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Gamer Mondays: Over Hyped, Under DeliveredEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Over Hyped, Under Delivered

Every year, millions of us gamers anticipate specific games like no other. It's that one game we're looking forward to the most that's going to...

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Gamer Mondays: Originality vs. ComfortEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Originality vs. Comfort

This week on Gamer Mondays, I'm not going to be talking about something that is particularly making me angry. Rather, it is something that concerns...

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Gamer Mondays: Season Pass-éEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Season Pass-é

Does anyone else remember a time, just a few short years ago, when the words “season pass” could elicit some sort of excitement? Come to...

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Gamer Mondays: Corruption Everywhere!EDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Corruption Everywhere!

What's the most time you've invested into a video game? 30 hours? 50 hours? 500 hours? A lot of gamers have put a ton of...

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Gamer Mondays: Increasing DiversityEDITORIALS

Gamer Mondays: Increasing Diversity

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in the United States. MLK dared to dream of a world where men and women of...

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