The Daily Five: Best Buy Low, Sell High FIFA 14 Players

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FIFA 14′s career mode is a fickle beast and if you’re like us, you’ll enjoy playing with a mid-tier or MLS team and try to create an unstoppable powerhouse. Unfortunately, a lot of these teams are limited by funding to compete with the big boys and this can be a problem early on. However, there are way to work around this and one of the best ways is to buy fresh young talent at a low value and then sell them for huge profits. Throughout my time with FIFA 14, I’ve found that these five guys are the pillars of this philosophy if you’re utilizing an MLS team and trying to compete with teams like Sounders FC.

These are our 5 gems below.

Fabián Castillo (Bought at $1.1m, Valued at $13 million by 2018)


Team: FC Dallas

Castillo is probably from the most unlikely source as he hails from FC Dallas, a team you wouldn’t expect to be holding a player with such a high return rate possibility. However, Castillo is an amazing player to play the middle of the pitch and in only a few short seasons he can be worth some decent bank. If you’re a League 2 club or any club in that area, Castillo is the perfect option to build a healthy transfer budget. He’s low cost like everyone else on this list, but he’ll be an immediate impact while you wait, which is always nice.

Declan John (Bought at $775K, Valued at $12.5 million by 2018)


Team: Cardiff City

Declan John is the most affordable star in the game, in my opinion. He possesses the speed to stay with outside strikers and has the great crossing skills to make him an asset when playing wide up the pitch. He’s available for pennies and is affordable by pretty much any club in the game. This makes him even more valuable and should be one of the reasons why he’s the first player you buy to flip. If you’re with a club that can’t comfortably afford the other players on this list, then this guy is your ace in the hole and will create enough budget room for you in the near future.

Jonathan Tah (Bought at $1.2m, Valued at $48 million by 2018)


Team: Hamburger SV

Jonathan Tah is a formidable player that can be purchased extremely cheap for what he’s capable of. He started off at 85 strength, which makes him already one of the strongest young players in the game. This strength is great for winning the battles in the air as well as making a ton of standing tackles. While he starts off relatively low in overall, his growth can be rapid and due to that, his value skyrockets. In 2018, if you can have him floating around an 82-84 OVR, you should be able to turn his $1.2 million dollar purchase into a $48 million dollar sale.

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