The Daily Five: Best PS4 & Xbox One Launch Window Games

July 30, 2013 | By | 4 Comments

The next-generation hype train is filling up quickly, and you wouldn’t have to look any further than the maelstrom of preorders for both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The two conglomerates are trading blows to make their respective machines more appealing, and the real winners will be you and I.

Of course, you’ll still need games to play on these bleeding edge consoles, and there’s no shortage of promising software to fill those launch windows. Most launch window games tend to be boring tech-heavy crud, but here are five that look to offer worthwhile experiences.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

We’re not the only ones excited for the latest in Sony’s premier first-person shooter franchise, as Killzone: Shadow Fall is in line to be the most preordered next-gen game of them all. It’s easy to see why — it’s arguably the most visually impressive title being shown right now, finally breaking away from the bleak greys that the series is known for and showing some actual color.

Forza Motorsport 5

It’s not a console launch without a slew of racing titles, and Forza Motorsport 5 aims to be the cream of the crop. As impressive as Sony’s DriveClub seems, it kind of an oddity because 1) Evolution is known for the arcadey MotorStorm games and 2) everyone’s wondering why it isn’t Gran Turismo. In any case, Turn 10 Studios have more than proven their mettle with four previous Forza titles, and this is the series’ most ambitious entry yet.

Watch Dogs

Multiplatform console launch titles aren’t usually talked about once they’ve come and gone, but Watch Dogs has the makings of something special. Just about every electronic in the ultra-connected near-future Chicago is hackable, making the city itself a tool to help you take on missions and evade the authorities.

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