The Daily Five: Biggest PlayStation 4 Surprises

November 18, 2013 | By | No Comments

November 15th, 2013 is when the PlayStation 4 launched and most of us had our first experiences with the console. As expected some consoles had problems, server loads made things difficult to connect online, and gamers were quick to jump to conclusions about how bad things really are. This isn’t surprising, but there are plenty of things to be surprised about when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and I think we’ve nailed down a perfect list.

Check out our Top 5 Biggest Surprises that you can expect if you own a PlayStation 4.

Twitch Streaming is Excellent

The ability to live stream your games as you play is an excellent addition to the next generation of gaming. Players around the world have known how great streaming is for a long while now, but with it built into the PlayStation 4, it allows more and more people to actively participate in sharing their experiences. Sony nailed it with the Twitch application on PlayStation for when it comes to ease of use and quality. It’s surprising to see it work so well from the get-go.

Resume Game Functionality in Sports Titles

A lot of gamers are waiting for the important pause/resume functionality to be added to PlayStation 4 in a later patch, but for those playing sports games, the feature is pretty much already available. In case you haven’t noticed in Madden and FIFA, you can turn your game off mid-play and the next time you launch the game, you can easily continue where you left off. There was a similar option on PlayStation 3, but it wasn’t nearly as fluid as this time around.

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