The Daily Five: Character Battles We’d Pay to See

July 3, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

Before Injustice: Gods Among Us released, comic nerds always argued about which super hero could defeat another super hero one-on-one and they finally had some answers. Unfortunately, we don’t get that luxury in the video game world because a lot of characters we share these same passions about are owned by third-parties or competing rivals. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we’d still like to see certain characters go up against one another to the death just to see who the tougher hero is.

Yes, we’ve seen these types of features before, but we’re hoping ours pits characters against each other that you may not have seen battling it out before. Of course, we threw in one expected battle at the end, but who doesn’t?

Faith Vs Ezio
This sounds like an odd pairing doesn’t it? But we think it’s a great pairing that could result in an amazing battle. Both of these characters excel in climbing and the art of parkour, but they both also specialize in different types of weapons. In our opinion, this makes it a fair fight. It’s also worth noting that these two are both finesse style fighters, so the extra physical power that Ezio wields may not be the advantage it would be in a straight power versus power fight.

Our Verdict

Lilith Vs Cole MacGrath
Lilith from Borderlands (2) and Cole from inFamous are both two more characters you wouldn’t think could come to blows, but like the previous fight, these two have a lot in common. Cole has the ability to harness electricity and moves at a crazy rate. Normally, this would make him a suitable opponent for Ezio, but his super powers give him an unfair edge. Lilith on the other hand is a Siren and has a myriad of powers of her own. Furthermore, she can literally melt people and has no problem transporting herself from place to place rapidly. The main question is, whose powers would win out?

Our Verdict

Marcus Fenix Vs Tomas Sevchenko
We’re positive you’ve seen Fenix in a battle of character before, but would you expect him to go up against a guy like Killzone’s Sevchenko? Probably not. Lucky for us both of these guys are experienced and proven leaders that excel in combat. The only difference between them is that Tomas is a “by-the-book” kind of guy and Fenix is an anything goes combatant. Obviously Fenix has the advantage of strength and his gun comes equipped with a damn chainsaw, but Sevchenko’s superior military skill may prove to his advantage.

Our Verdict

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  • Cracking Ace

    Any explanation about your verdicts?

  • Alphamatroxom

    As soon as I saw you picked Faith over Ezio I knew this would be a worthless read. I doubt she’s ever heard of a hidden blade and would find out the hard way what it is