The Daily Five: Characters That Could Be Star Athletes

June 4, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

The video game industry is full of well rounded characters that excel in certain skills that could probably translate to other useful professions meant to entertain us. The question is: Which characters would be able to dominate in a professional sporting league as much as they dominate at our fingertips? We’ve found our five best candidates and matched them up to the sport they’d probably do best in. If you’re wondering why there are no women on this list, it’s likely because women’s professional sports leagues are a joke.

Check out our top five below and let us know if you think we missed someone.

Tempo is the protagonist from the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop title HarmoKnights. This guy is incredibly talented when given something to swing at the enemy. He seems to have relatively great hand-eye coordination and it good as coming through in the clutch. We’d definitely give this guy a chance to star on our baseball team batting clean-up. If he can put together his ability to hit things and his rhythm, we’re probably looking at an eventual hall of fame candidate.

It’s hard to pick where we’d place Sonic, but we think he’d easily be a multiple sport athlete. These are a rare breed and only a handful of them have been successful throughout time. The question remains though as to which sports he’d play. Obviously with his speed and foot skills, we think he could excel at playing striker or even as a running back. Imagine that, a two sport athlete where both sports are football. Clever, right?

You’re probably scratching your head at this one but give it some thought. Sub-Zero has the ability to freeze guys in place and just walk around them. There is an unlimited amount of potential here and it also means he’s good with ice. In our opinion, this makes him a prime candidate for hockey — not only would he be smooth on skates, but he’d have no issues freezing the goaltender for an easy score. You’d sign this guy to play for your team and you know it.

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