The Daily Five: Characters That Overachieve

May 15, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

Tony Romo
You’re thinking, “What?” But come on man. Any of you that play Madden on a yearly basis and have succeeded with Tony Romo in the game can verify that that’s complete nonsense. In what world would Tony Romo be capable of winning a Super Bowl or even multiple playoff games? The virtual world, that’s what world. Honestly, he’s probably a bigger overachiever in gaming than Mario.

Nick Groove
Groove grew up on the streets and there is nothing he can’t do. He’s smuggled drugs, killed cartels, taken over a vast amount of territories, kicked an unlimited amount of people in the crotch and has even ran for the office of President (and won). You’re probably confused by now and have no clue who Nick is or how come you haven’t had the privileged opportunity to play as him. That’s because he’s my character in Saint’s Row and he overachieves daily.

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  • Korabljenik

    Not really good, nor interesting list (even if it’s supposed to be a joke).
    3/5 of those characters are overachievers by: ”killing small armies of enemies” (Max, Lara and Saints Row).
    I don’t even know who Tony Romo is.
    And as for #5 – it’s not really an interesting list if you put your own game character in it, because people who love reading lists don’t like other peoples’ characters and achievements.

  • Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Got to agree with Korabljenik there what a load of tosh this list is, its pathetic.