The Daily Five: Characters That Would Look Badass Next-Gen

April 26, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

Fox McCloud

As a fan of foxes (crazy, right?), it’s a shame that we haven’t seen a true installment of the Star Fox franchise in the last decade. While yes, we have seen Fox McCloud in various Smash Bros’ titles, it goes without saying that he need the full on, game development treatment. Considering how well this franchise has sold in the past, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Nintendo to make this happen. There may only be a minority amount of gamers asking for a true sequel to this series, but that should be enough to get it done. He’s easily my favorite game character of all time and it’s probably because it looks like we could be related.

Gordon Freeman

Let’s get this out of the way immediately, Episode 3 needs to hurry the hell up and just be announced. It’s time to bring Gordon Freeman to the next age of gaming and make him look as badass as possible. With E3 directly around the next virtual corner, it stands to reason that just maybe we’ll finally find out that Freeman is in the midst of being re-done for Episode 3 and we can all finally take solace in that news. However, it seems unlikely that we can expect this as an announcement and we’ll just have to accept fan-art as a substitute until then. We’re not alone in thinking he would look great in next generation duds, right?

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  • Reneid Klein

    I was totally with you on the first two but Crash isn’t something that I think would lend itself well to next gen tech. He would either have to look realistic and thus a bit scary as a humanoid animal or he’d have to be really cartoonish and cell shaded and thus negate the point of the article.

    Fox is a Nintendo mascot and aside from Link from Twilight Princess or Samus from Other M, they never really seemed to care about making their mascots look cool or realistic. They prefer to keep up a kiddy image that I used to love as a child but now have grown tired of as an adult.

    Gordon is a bit of a mixed bag with me. He is a human character that had experiences this gen so a next-gen leap wouldn’t likely be big enough. While I can see developers re-imagining a character like Laura Croft this gen as realistic (makes sense seeing as she was created two gens ago), I can’t imagine a character from this gen having a huge change. For example, I couldn’t see someone like Nathan Drake being a revamped character on PS4. I’d think he’d look like a bit more detailed version of his current self.

    In any case, nice article. It got me thinking and I’ve been waiting Shenmue III since the moment Shenmue II’s credits rolled.

  • d sar

    Shenmue 3 YES Please make this game SEGA, A lot of people want it, make it this gen if you want, would be cheaper and better, use the Yakuza games programmers, they are similar games, but Shenmue>>>>>Yakuza