The Daily Five: Characters We’d Grab a Beer With

April 17, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Every Presidential election always comes with a poll asking the American people which candidate they’re likely willing to grab a beer with. While this is an utterly stupid poll to even conduct, it’s light hearted and makes us wonder who are the five game characters we’d likely grab a beer with ourselves. It’s not surprising that some of these guys just don’t have the time to relax and crack open a cold one every once in awhile, but damnit, they should!

To take this one step further, we’re even going to go out on a limb and predict which type of beer these five would order.

So, grab a beach chair, a towel, or whatever and relax. We got this.

Mario & Luigi

It seems like these two guys rarely get a break whether it’s in video games or their super cool TV show and that’s just not cool. They work hard, they never take jobs within their expected profession, and they’re always out trying to save other people. It’s tough out there for a plumber and a cold one is exactly what these two brothers need. After all, with all the nagging they get from Princess Peach a trip to the bar isn’t such a bad idea.

Likely beer choice? We think Luigi would definitely order a Blue Moon while Mario is going to go with something local to Texas, a Buttface Amber Ale.

Nathan Drake

Honestly, Drake goes on some pretty crazy ass adventures and having a drink with the guy would probably result in a Hangover-like experience at some point in time. While we may not have the opportunity to get punched in the face by Mike Tyson or steal a tiger, the potential to face off against zombies and search for useless treasure is definitely high on the probability list. Someone has to do it, right?

Likely beer choice? Drake is worldly and has seen a lot of place. We’re going to go with something imported like a Hop-Ruiter from Belgium. We understand Drake seems like a good ol’ American boy who would go domestic, but c’mon now.

Young Lara Croft

Admittedly, Lara Croft is probably crazy busy after her inaugural ass-kicking adventure in the latest Tomb Raider and she’d probably prefer a glass of wine than a beer, but we’d like to think that due to her badassery, she’d grab a beer with us as well. Unfortunately, since we’ve chosen the younger Croft, she’s not going to has as many great stories to tell, but we’d still want to hear anything she’d have to say in regards to treasure hunting or what her next big adventure may be.

Likely beer choice? Lara isn’t going to want to drink any of the big name, watered down American lagers, so we’re expecting something European. We’re going to go with a Guinness

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