The Daily Five: Definitive Edition Games We Want

January 25, 2014 | By | No Comments

Crystal Dynamics just released Tomb Raider: Definitive Version, an upgraded release that makes a lot of visual improvements over the original by sporting a higher framerate, and, of course, a significant boost in resolution. It’s essentially an “HD” re-release like we saw last generation that also includes all of the released DLC. That got us thinking about what other games we’d like to see Definitive Versions for. After all, we missed out on a lot of games with the potential to do great things on PlayStation 4 and we’d love to see what these titles would look like with those improvements.

Check out our 5 most desired Definitive Versions below.

BioShock Infinite


Irrational Games released another Game of the Year candidate in BioShock Infinite much like it did with previous releases in the franchise. However, it included DLC and was running on a dated engine that still looks beautiful, but could be improved upon. We’d love to see Irrational take BioShock Infinite and develop it on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. If previous BioShock games made the best use of each Unreal Engine as they were released, imagine what it could do for the successor to Unreal Engine 3. It’s likely we’ll get the next BioShock installment on it regardless, but we’d love to replay through Infinite and its DLC before that happens.

The Last of Us


If The Last of Us had been released as a launch title for PlayStation 4, I doubt many would have complained. The game is beautiful and the storyline and voice acting is phenomenal as well. However, it’s easy to realize that The Last of Us could easily be improved upon and refined by being developed on PlayStation 4. Of course, we’ll likely see The Last of Us GOTY edition on PlayStation 3, but it would be a smart decision for Naughty Dog to improve upon the game across the board and releasing an installment on the new console as well. Yes, PlayStation Now is coming, but we want the real deal.

Grand Theft Auto V


Is this the most obvious entry into this list? Probably, but we’re going to include it anyway. There are already a ton of rumors about this happening already, but we think it deserves to be here just the same. Los Santos is a beautiful city and Grand Theft Auto V is an incredible experience that would benefit from having its entire game upgraded. It also would be beneficial because the game released on the brink of the new consoles being launched, so despite its record breaking sales, a lot of gamers are holding out for a next-gen version of the game. GTAV would just make sense, right?

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