The Daily Five: Developers We Want New IPs From

May 27, 2013 | By | 8 Comments

Certain developers have proven that they can create memorable games that entertain us for years. However, sometimes these developers get caught up creating the same games over and over again or the same group of games. While this is fantastic for fans of those franchises, we’d love to see these guys branch out and create something new and exciting that we can become fans of to further our love of their studios.

These are five great studios that have developed some amazing games, but haven’t ventured out of their comfort zone as much as we’d like.

Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Midnight Club, and Red Dead have provided endless amount of gaming goodness and have delivered multiple releases across all franchises. However, it’s time Rockstar digs deep and comes up with something new for us to enjoy. Considering how much they’ve perfected open world games and great narratives, you’d think they’d be able to deliver a new concept that we haven’t played through already. It’s time Rockstar.

Rocksteady Studios
Rocksteady did for super heroes what Paramount did for Marvel — legitimized them into successful license opportunities that didn’t completely suck. It’s time Rocksteady moves on from Batman and either delivers to us a new super hero to look forward to or moves on to something else. They’ve already garnered a ton of respect and game cred with the Batman Arkham franchise, so let’s see what else these guys can do.

Epic Games
It’s easy to say that Gears of War was one of the definitive franchises of this generation. It spawned four releases and was developed by multiple studios, but throughout this period of time, Epic Games didn’t really develop much else. Sure, they gave us a great XBLA title known as Shadow Complex, but we’re ready for more. It’s obvious that Gears of War has ran its course, so let us in on what’s coming next.

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  • Reneid Klein

    Nintendo refusing to change is one thing that drives me away from them. The problem is everyone owns a Nintendo console or knows someone with one. So a new generation always has a way to experience one of these franchises for the first time and/or parents have fond memories of Nintendo and so buy it as a console for their kids and the cycle continues. I can’t begin to explain how sick of seeing Mario’s face I am. At least make him look different. He has been roughly unchanged for the past twenty years.

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Nintendo New IP
    The Last Story
    Pandora’s Tower
    Harmo Knights
    Dillon Rolling Western
    Sakurai Samurai
    The Wonderful 101

    • Joe Garcia

      1) Developed by Monolith; fine.
      2) Developed by Mistwalker.
      3) Co-developed by Ganbarion.
      4) Developed by Game Freak; fine.
      5) Developed by Vanpool.
      6) Developed by Grounding, Inc.
      7) Developed by Asobism.
      8) Developed by Intelligent Systems; fine.
      9) Developed by Platinum Games.

      Publishing second-party games isn’t the same as developing something in-house.

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        Nintendo owns those IP

        it doesn’t have to be in house you idiot.

        By your logic that means Heavenly Sword is not Sony because it develop by Ninja Theory who is not owned by Sony.

        • Joe Garcia

          Allow me to refer you to the title of the article. It’s “developers” — like Nintendo EAD — not “publishers that could commission games if they felt like.”

          Reading am good.

        • Velox

          Heavenly Sword wasn’t created by Sony, it was bought by Sony. Heavenly Sword was originally pitched to Microsoft for the 360. Just like Gears of War isn’t Microsoft Game Studios, it’s Epic Games.

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            same for the games I listed.

          • Velox

            Exactly. Which means they’re not Nintendo developed. Thanks for agreeing with us.