The Daily Five: Females That Deserve Leading Roles

April 16, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

Games are filled with compelling characters, and the gap between positive male and females portrayals is finally decreasing. However, there are still many great female characters that are relegated to support roles, all while some guy gets to do all of the best and most interesting things.

We, of course, think that should change. As such, we’ve compiled a list of strong women that could easily step out of the shadows and fit the starring role in their own games.

Mia Fey

There are few characters as important to Capcom’s cult classic Ace Attorney series as Mia Fey. She was Phoenix Wright’s mentor, and older sister to his assistant Maya. Much of Phoenix’s deep admiration for her comes from her time as a prolific defense attorney, which she parlayed into her very own law firm before she was murdered. Despite this, only two of her cases are playable in the four core games.

Sure, Maya channels her during trials to give Phoenix advice when he’s in a bind, but she deserves more than that. Miles Edgeworth got his own game, and his first case as prosecutor was also Mia’s first as defense attorney. There’s no real reason that Mia can’t get a spin-off game, too.


Many are raving about how wonderful Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite is as an AI companion, but we’d argue that she was inspired by Elika from 2008’s Prince of Persia. She’s powerful, with the ability to restore life to lifeless wastelands, she’s constantly pulling the Prince’s feet out of the fire, and she can easily keep up with him as he traverses deadly landscapes.

The only realistic thing keeping Elika from being in her own game is that 2008’s Prince of Persia had a mixed reception, with many growing weary of Nolan North’s portrayal of the Prince. When it was time for a new game in the series, Ubisoft instead decided to add a new chapter to the PS2-era The Sands of Time trilogy.

Samantha Byrne

It took three games to get there, but Samantha Byrne and Anya Stroud were the first playable female characters in a Gears of War campaign. Sam gets the nod here because she’s as battle-hardened as they come, fighting in many conflicts in an attempt to live up to her deceased father’s legacy. Anya’s great, but she spent the first two games simply as a voice in your head.

It would have been great if Sam, or anyone like here, was in this year’s Gears of War Judgment in a prominent role. Instead we got Sofia, whose battle gear is noticeably skimpier than what either Anya or Sam wore in Gears 3. She’s also constantly put down by her male squadmates, and is implied to have an affair with a professor of hers as a lazy plot device. It’s all garbage and Sam wouldn’t have put up with it.

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