The Daily Five: Females That Deserve Leading Roles

April 16, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

Princess Zelda

This is such a no-brainer that it’s a wonder that it hasn’t happened already. Sure, Zelda got to help out a bit in Ocarina of Time, but she had to disguise herself as a man named Sheik to do so; that’s bull. Her actions as Sheik prove that she’s more than capable of handling herself, so the fact that we’ve gone 15 years since then without it are pretty much inexcusable.

Zelda wouldn’t even need to rescue Link to make a compelling game. I mean, let’s face facts here — he’s not important enough on his own for someone to swoop in and kidnap him. Would such a game even have Ganon as an antagonist? Beats me! But I have a hunch that Miyamoto would be able to make a great game with Zelda being more than a namesake.

The Boss

Arguably the single most amazing female character in all of video games, The Boss was a mentor to Metal Gear Solid 3’s Naked Snake. She’s constantly talked up as the greatest soldier that ever lived; the founding of her Cobra Unit in World War II leads her to be called the mother of American special forces.

With such a rich and storied history, it’s surprising that Konami never went back to the well to flesh her out. Big Boss’s story continues after he defeats her in one of the most emotional final battles in any game, but we think it’d be great to go in the opposite direction. What was her time leading Cobra Unit really like?

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  • Ace

    What about Vanille from FF XIII? Kappa.

  • Grant Hancock

    What about Alex Vance ?

  • Fabri_LoN

    There is a Zelda game where you play as her: Zelda’s Adventure (on the CDi – but it’s famous for being part of the unholy triforce, the three horrible games on that system)

  • PyramidHead632

    The Boss’s game would also allow you to throw bees at someone, something I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for ever since that Simpsons quote. 😛

    Imagine how awesome it would be ordering the Cobra unit into battle and finally seeing what they could do as a unit. The Fear and his weapons, The Pain swarming the field with bees, The Fury torching everyone, The End picking off people from a distance, and The Boss with her trusty Patriot and her superior combat skills. Snake fought them individually and won, but together they would wipe out hundreds of enemies! I don’t know what The Sorrow would do, but I see him kind of as an almost invincible soldier, due to the intel he gets from dead soldiers. When the enemies try to set some ambushes for him, he already knows they’re there, because of the dead ones. And the best part is, these are Nazis. You would want to kick their asses. ;-D

    (And yes, I know they’re really hornets. So sue me. :P)

    • Bowbowis

      I’d imagine the Sorrow getting intel from the dead soldiers would cast him as the mission control character (ex. Campbell, Zero, Boris)