The Daily Five: Forgotten Video Game Heroes

October 17, 2013 | By | No Comments

Going into the next generation of gaming, we’re going to be leaving behind a lot of great characters that we had the opportunity to encounter throughout the last 7 years of our lives. It’s easy to forget these heroes if they’re not continued through to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and more often than not, that’s the case. It feels like forever since I’ve played the original PlayStation which included a lineup of heroes that I enjoyed going to battle with. Today, a lot of us have forgotten these unlikely leaders of the virtual worlds we love, so I’d like to take a step back and remember some heroes that not only should make a return, but should be remembered as well.

If you can think of any others, share them in the comment section below.

Arc – Arc the Lad

Arc was a tremendously rounded character during the original PlayStation years and led the way on several adventures spanning multiple titles. However, I notice he’s very rarely mentioned anymore as though everyone has forgotten how awesome this franchise was. While the series saw no shortage of sequels, I think having Arc lead another fantastic journey would be something that would be enjoyable to all of us. Honestly, these are the types of re-births that would be perfect for handheld gaming.

John Tanner – Driver

John Tanner played the lead in Driver and was a universal fan favorite across most of the gaming markets around the world. Honestly, it seems like Tanner was the original Grand Theft Auto protagonist despite never being a part of the franchise at all. He could have been so much more than we were given and I think we were shortchanged on his success and his potential. While we watched developers seem to endlessly fail to come up with a new Getaway title this generation, I think it’s time someone takes a shot at bringing John Tanner back to prominence.

Justin – Grandia

Justin is a lot like Arc above. He’s from the same genre, offered a similar epic journey, and also hasn’t received the love he deserves. I know that Grandia follows a similar platform to Final Fantasy (before they started screwing it up), but if Square Enix can offer us 3 chances at Final Fantasy XIII, why can’t we get a second opportunity to go on an adventure with Justin from Grandia? In fact, where the hell is the next Grandia game anyways? Why isn’t this happening? Start developing this now and just make Justin a side character or the old wise Obi-wan. Let’s do this!

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